Corporate Profile

Agency Classification:

Government-owned and -controlled corporation under the administrative supervision of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and classified under the Infrastructure Utilities Group.


Presidential Decree No. 757 dated 31 July 1975.


Under PD 757 dated 31 July 1975. NHA was tasked to develop and implement a comprehensive and integrated housing program which shall embrace, among others, housing development and resettlement, sources and schemes of financing, and delineation of government and private sector participation.

Under EO 90 dated 17 December 1986. NHA was mandated as the sole national government agency to engage in shelter production focusing on the housing needs of the lowest 30% of the urban population.

Under RA 7279 (UDHA) dated 24 March 1992. NHA was tasked to provide technical and other forms of assistance to local government units (LGUs) in the implementation of their housing programs; to undertake identification, acquisition and disposition of lands for socialized housing; and to undertake relocation and resettlement of families with local government units.

Under RA 7835 (CISFA) dated 08 December 1994. NHA was tasked with the implementation of the following components of the National Shelter Program - the Resettlement Program, Medium Rise Public and Private Housing, Cost Recoverable Programs and the Local Housing Program.

Under EO 195 dated 31 December 1999. NHA was mandated to focus on sociliazed housing through the development and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated housing development and resettlement; fasttracking the determination and development of government lands suitable for housing; and ensuring the sustainability of socialized housing funds by improving its collection efficiency, among others.

Governing Board:

Chairman: Chairman, Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council


The Executive Secretary - Office of the President
Director-General - National Economic and Development Authority
Secretary - Department of Public Works and Highways
Secretary - Department of Finance
Secretary - Department of Labor and Employment
Secretary - Department of Trade and Industry
General Manager - National Housing Authority

Manpower Complement as of 31 December 2015

Updated: 26 January 2016

No. of Employees - 1,139

Authorize Capitalization

PD 757 (1975) - 500 Million Pesos
PD 1430 (1978) - Increased to 2 Billion Pesos
PD 1924 (1984) - Increased to 5 Billion Pesos



Financial Condition as of 31 December 2015

Updated: 18 February 2016

Net Income after Subsidy - 11.034 Billion Pesos
Total Assets - 105.089 Billion Pesos
Total Liability - 15.687 Billion Pesos
Equity - 89.402 Billion Pesos