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2nd Quarter of 2016

Posted - 13 June 2016

2nd Issue (4th Quarter of 2015)

Posted - 13 January 2016

Plastic Balloon

Ethel F. Miguel
Posted - 15 December 2015

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Posted - 03 December 2015

Apoy ng pag-asa

Posted - 03 December 2015

Mission Accomplished

Posted - 03 December 2015

Pangarap na bahay

Posted - 03 December 2015



By: Mary Ruth M. Babiera
15 years old Student
611-Consular Area
Ft. Bonifacio, Global City

Before, I used to hurt people just like the bee,
Well I can tell, I'm not the same girl I used to be,
And for that I wish I could never be,
That childish, stupid, selfish, rude girl they want me to be.

As time passes by I got stuck on the sea,
That was the hardest time that I wouldn't even see,
Wrong things done by the one called She!
That's why you don't have to say sorry to the stupid me,

I don't have the start, I don't have the ending,
Well I guess everything is still pending,
But still I don't know if I'm worth forgiving,
For I did not took the chance to do anything.

It was very difficult for me to do nothing,
But deep in my soul I kept on fighting,
And for that I would always end up crying,
Wishing for some good happening.

For this pain is severe that it creates something,
But still, I do have this great feeling,
That makes me feel alive, so I'll keep loving,
My Lord willmake things right, so let's start praying.

From now on I would like to change everything,
I'll forgive myself for I'm simply dying,
From the wrath of its pain which keeps me lying,
Then let's forget all of it and start living.